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Nikolai et al.:

I just checked with Hans Moravec about the publication prospects for Mind
Age. Here's what he said:

You can read a little about it on my page

I'm working like crazy (at this very moment, as perpetually for the last
several months) towards September pub [by Oxford Univ. Press]. It's already
kind of
late, and there's still lots to do. Most time consuming are the figures,
which are benefitting from the latest tech. I bought a maxed out 300 MIPS
Mac (clone - Power Tower 180e) to do them and have been using it to fullest.
I love the results. But there's a lot of rewriting also, not the least for
spectacular recent developments. The "AI power" curve in my web peek will
give you a clue why we're suddenly getting results after thirty years (!) of
ho hum.

-- Hans

My editor is Kirk Jensen. He didn't like the "Mind Age" title (too
ambiguous) I'm currently using "Robot, Being: mere machine to
transcendent mind" Robot is sans serif, Being is script in the
current drafts. It's a pun, but you have to read the last chapter
to get it. May still change. I liked "Mind Fire", but that
really needs explaining.