Re: Prizes (was: Life Extension through legislation or the free market)
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 12:10:29 -0400 (EDT)

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> I see no reason why it cannot work. I just find it sad that the only
> incentive in today's world is money, and not pride, or fame, or the
> pure thrill of success, or the feeling of achievement gained when you see
> a private fantasy tuen into a reality.

Entropy Alert! I object ; - )
First of all- Money is needed to live with pride, to achieve fame, and to
measure some aspects of success.. as well as being a very good end in itself.
Also - common sense - no one can DO research without spending a lot of your
own cash, so grants and rewards provide incentive - and to spend a lifetime
doing something, altruistically hoping for "making the world a better place"
is FINE, but I hope it also pays your rent, anyway, I believe that people
are selfish enough to want life extension for it's own rewards - but
apparently they are'nt motivated YET.
( BTW I mentioned the R.A.W. book in response to an objectivist OBJECTING to
govt. funding for such projects.)