Re: Anisotropic Universe

Carl Feynman (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 19:34:35 -0400

At 05:14 PM 4/18/97 -0400, Crosby_M wrote:

>Yes, I find these Anisotropic Universe comments interesting in light
>of the recent thread where it was suggested that the only ones still
>questioning the Big Bang theory were creationists.

An anisotropic universe is perfectly compatible with the Big Bang, as far as
I can tell. I haven't read Nodland & Ralston's paper yet, but I have read
their press release and slightly more technical web page
(, and I don't see
anything that suggests the Big Bang didn't happen. The theory they use to
explain their observations does violate the Standard Model, but that's OK,
everyone knows the Standard Model is wrong, and is just waiting for some
observational evidence that might give us a clue of how to fix it.

--Carl Feynman
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