Re:ECON:E-Bucks & offshore communities

Paul Hughes (
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 11:27:09 PDT

ard wrote -

> With encryption on our PC we have secrecy concerning our
>financial affairs if we use E-Money. The spread of E-Money will break the
>STATE/BANKS and their monopoly on the money supply. It will also cause the
>collapse of governments because of the vastly increased underground economy
>which cannot be taxed.
> The author seemed to be unaware that the STATE could very easily tax
>something that cannot be hidden, such as real estate, which they do
>already. So the STATE might be thwarted in attacking production and merely
>take its share of the "action" via the spot where our home or business is
>located. The BANKS would lose their nice marriage to the STATE and would
>have to compete on the open market. With property tax, people get one tax
>bill, no forms to fill out, just a bill marked "Pay this amount....."
>Renters pay with greatly increased rent. Businesses use property
>efficiently. Land speculation goes bust. Property values drop. The only
>way out of paying taxes is to have your home or business off of STATE
>controlled real estate. (although the effect of taxes, reflected in the
>higher cost of goods and services, would still be experienced).
> That, my friends, suggests Cities, Floating on the Sea and in the Air.
>Private Cities, which provide (no roads of course...who would need them?)
>the structure for living, playing, working. Cities, which compete by
>giving better service for less. Cities, which provide the space for
>automated hydroponic farms. Cities, freed from the STATE. Cities,
>providing all the variety or sameness one wishes. (Although EXTROS,
>midgets, and animal trainers would probably not find a City just for
>them.....perhaps a neighborhood..........a BIG neighborhood, mind you...)

You should visit the First Millennial Foundation's Web site at to see a great idea for building ocean communities.
More than an idea these people are already making real-world head-way into
making it a reality. They are already experimenting with a working OTEC in
Hawaii and an extensive integrated polyculture.


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