Anisotripic Universe

Crosby_M (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 17:14:40 -0400

Hal Finney just wrote:
<Several years ago I read (and reported here on) a book called "The
Big Bang Never Happened". The author challenged conventional theories
about the formation and evolution of the universe.>

Not having been part of the Old List, last summer I too posted a
review of Eric Lerner's book which Hal mentions. Unlike Hal's post,
mine is in the archives at
if anyone is interested. (Most of my post was a summary of Lerner's
comments on the philosophy of science, though, rather than the details
of plasma cosmology.)

Hal added:
<Most theories that totally contradict the conventional wisdom turn
out to be wrong, so this one probably is, too. But Robin's comment
about the possibility of very large scale, strong magnetic fields
reminded me of this earlier theory. There are a lot of things which
cosmologistsy can't explain, so the door is not yet closed on

Yes, I find these Anisotropic Universe comments interesting in light
of the recent thread where it was suggested that the only ones still
questioning the Big Bang theory were creationists.

Mark Crosby