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Perhaps you might want to check out MAPS. They may be able to render referral...


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>On Sun, 13 Apr 1997, Mike Rose wrote:


>> the moment but I am really keen on learning more. Can any1 suggest any

>> preliminary texts on brain function and basic neurology? Where should I

>> start?


>It's not directly relevant, but the most interesting brain book I've read

>in the last year was Dennett's "Consciousness Explained". I disagree with

>a number of things that he says (mostly in the first couple of chapters),

>but his model of brain function explains a lot of my weird experiences.


>> I am currently reading Lilly's 'Centre of the Cyclone' and I guess

>> I will read 'Programming and Meta-Programming....' next - any other

>> suggestions?


>'Prometheus Rising', of course. Possibly 'Cosmic Trigger'. Both are by

>Robert Anton Wilson, who has a somewhat sensationalist style but does

>write from experience.


>> The question is what has happened since the 70s, is anyone else doing any

>> similar meta-programming research?


>Yep, but not on any official basis AFAIK. There were a couple of mailing

>lists on the subject but I don't know if they're still going. There's

>little on the Web other than Lilly, Leary and Wilson texts.


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