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Mike C. (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 05:09:57 -0400

>On Sat, 12 Apr 1997, Mike C. wrote:
>> I place my faith in life.
>> Any who place faith in same belief and practice as I
>> support my cause and I should treat with respect and friendship.
>> I do not want to be unknown person posting messages!....
>I find your format and comments interesting and motivating. Can you tell
>a little about yourself.

Saluton, here is usual info.

Name: U.Sov. Scott Painter (aka: Mike C.)
Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
weight: 120 lbs
Eye: blue( blue/grey/green)
Hair: long blonde( tied back)
Genetic background: Nordic/Atlanto-mediterranean
Feature: pale, square face, high forehead, developed nose, thin lip,
strong shoulder, good posture, attractive enough to make brother jealous.

Title + simplified explanation.

I rid my self of human limitation.

I do all I can for life, liberty.
I am optimistic, never accept immpossiblity.

I change in drasticly positive ways.

My goal in life is to continue living at any cost.

I live every moment remembering my goal of life.

If I die before I wake
I pray I freeze, wake later.

I ponder what future holds
to be guided by current trend
+ avoiding hazard.

A good way to live is not to fight.

I do not wait for knowledge to find me,
I seek it.

I love knowledge + keep it close;
it is my sword and shield.

sovereign monarch:
I rebel against tyranny, oppression, forced ethics.
I am nation.

Home: Universe > Milky Way > Sol > Earth > SE North America( FL) > U.Sov.
My home is where I am.
My body is by physic, nature, universe, God.
My environment makes me what I am.
I am my home, my home is me;
I am not spacially apart from what sustains me.

Past titles:
boy scout,
indian guide,
intellectually gifted.

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