Some questions about SQUID

Algimantas Malickas (
Mon, 5 May 1997 00:50:06 +0300 (LDT)

I would be thankful if anyone could answer some questions about SQUID,
or would give me some bibliography or URL.

1. How many chanels can ensure magnetoencephalograma from the scalp ? The
best EEG resulution can be about 1 cm. What is SQUID resolution ? (I read
about SQUID system with 256 chanels. Is the more chanels is possible ?
How many ? Also I read, that digital SQUID system can ensure 100 Msamples
per second speed. But the other limit is resolution, I think).

2. How about MEG from the implanted electrodes ? Is the any real system
implemented ?

3. How about SQUID in the liquid nitrogen temperature ?

4. Do you know any commercial (not experimental) SQUID system for brain
maping ?