Re: META: traffic-limited list idea

Kathryn Aegis (
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 21:15:53 +0000

Lee Daniel Crocker:
>with two working brain cells can see isn't capable of that. Thank
>you, at least, for giving me information with which I can evaluate
>the likely intellectual merit and honesty of your future posts.

I spent a great deal of time trying find a method of expressing my
reaction to this, either on or off the list, that would fall within
the list ethics and intellectual standards that this list attempts to
maintain. In the face of accusations of this sort, I don't know what
to say, or whether I should even attempt a reply. I could use some
guidance here from someone more experienced on this list.

Some seem to believe that I have a great deal of time to waste and
possess the desire to take potshots at people's ideas for the fun of
it. I don't. But I cannot remain silent about issues regarding
access, voice, and participation. In the prior discussions that led
to the Node concept, these issues were discussed in a manner that
these concerns were listened to and considered. It saddens me that
this discussion led to statements such as the above, because I was
willing to listen carefully to what Lee had to say about his own
concerns and intentions. But then, my time is my own to spend on
such frivolous activities as that, I suppose.