ART: "Delusions Of Grandeur"

E. Shaun Russell (
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 19:54:42 -0700 (PDT)

The following poem just got rave reviews by my friend Wade
Cherrington today. I'd like to hear what others think...

Delusions Of Grandeur

Welcome to the afterlife: a place of false surreality,
Where window-paine Charlemagnes bask in superficiality.
Meet the men who would live your life, the men who want to sell your soul,
The men of mercy, the men of faith, the men who just want control.
Welcome to your private Hell, reminding you of the thoughts unmade,
The heart of virtue, the core of fear where you take a promenade.
The idleness of vanity will lead to cold insanity,
A picture of confidence for the goodness of humanity.
Meet the men who would steal your faith and make you a catastrophe,
The men who'd love to suck you dry and watch the coming atrophy.
Welcome to the place where you give up and give in to disrespect,
A world where you must earn your pain and circumstantial retrospect.
Meet the men who would take your heart and drain it of the blood it wields,
The men who abhor reason and the concept the ideal yields.
Meet the one who would flush his world because he could not dare be true,
Welcome to the afterlife: the previous life is overdue.

By: E. Shaun Russell

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