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This URL-minder service I mentioned a few weeks ago provides a form of
"push" technology which notifies you of changes in web pages you have
selected. I see on looking at Robin's page that he is going to be at
Berkeley starting this summer as a "Scholar in Health Policy". (Apologies
if this is old news, or if I am announcing it prematurely.)

This program is a multi-disciplinary effort to analyze health policy
using economics, political science, and sociology. From their web page:

> Economists may help by examining the merits of market-based competition
> versus regulatory approaches, by analyzing the effects of organizational
> changes on the cost of care and on the willingness of competing
> organizations to serve diverse population groups, and by assessing the
> effects of continued growth in health spending on federal and state
> budgets as well as on other sectors of the nation's economy.

This sounds like exactly the kind of study which can benefit from the
kind of hard-nosed, critical analysis that Robin is known for, as well
as his creative, decentralized solutions to difficult problems. I hope
they know what they are getting into bringing him on board...

Only 12 people are selected each year for this program, and although I
am not familiar with the post-doc job market, the stipend looks generous,
and the freedom from teaching and administrative responsibilities sounds
like an ideal research environment.

Clearly health care policy is going to be of increasing importance in
the next few years, with the ongoing advances in research results that
we all expect. Congratulations to Robin on being selected for this