Re: rnd pckts

Eugene Leitl (
Sat, 12 Apr 1997 18:33:48 +0200 (MET DST)

On Sat, 12 Apr 1997, Reilly Jones wrote:

> gene wrote: <Both DVD and CD-RW apparently haven't taken wing yet.>
> I think they're on the runway awaiting clearance, though.

Let's hope. These floppy slots are currently just ornamental, after all.
Next to nothing fits on 'em anymore. Zipdrive would be floppy++, if only
media prices wouldn't be held up artificially.

> <Still no news of cheap fiber optics standard/multiple serial buses
> finishing off the backplane bus. However, remember SGI Octane's 1.6
> GByte/link crossbar. Leaving Archaicum; please fasten your seat belts.>
> Some drool seems to have penetrated my now-defunct keyboard. Where may I
> bill you for it?

Uh, caveat lector. (I fact I was :P~~~~~ , as well, I fervently wish this
stuff was already there. Chucks, even a vanila NIR LED as 4 MHz bandwidth,
plastic optofiber costs next to nothing, and even semiconductor lasers lie
in low $10 range. It's all a standard by fiat thing. Why can't we send old
mumboard to retirement home? Why?


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