SITE - High Weirdness WWW site back by popular demand.

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Sun, 15 Dec 1996 23:59:36 +0000

Sent from: Mark Bourne <>

Dear all,

A year or so ago, I maintained "A Fringe-Watchers Guide to High
Weirdness," a web site that was an annotated encyclopedia of links to
"fringe" sites and information. Categories included aliens, hidden
history, giant conspiracies, unorthodox science, contactees, and so on.
The site was immensely popular and generated a great deal of positive

Then the server it was maintained on went away and the site disappeared.
Until now.

At the urging of emailers and other interested bystanders, I have
uploaded the site at a new home:

I will be working on it in the coming weeks, and at this time I can't
guarantee which of the hundreds of links are still active. But I will
edit as I go along and add new sites to replace those that have gone

I'm open-minded about these topics, yet I know the site won't be for
everyone (a sense of humor is encouraged). Feel free to drop in and
browse. Keep checking back as the site develops and grows. It's meant to
be enjoyed.