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> but your so called 'mystics' have found meditation does it also. Also
> exercise seems to help and mindless simple things like shaving...
> driving....
> This process helps with creativity also.

> It appears that creativity can be accessed when one gets out of the
> critical, judgemental state of mind. This is referred to as "being in the
> space". This can be accomplished by remaining focused on "the point of
> concentration". The mindless activities, you mention, are ways of
> the critical, judgemental state of mind.and leaving oneself open to the
> creative process.

You have made good observation about the creative process. Nevertheless,
I see no evidence that these activities are specifically good for letting go
of critical thinking, which is another part of the creative process, and an
important one.
But they do occupy a portion of the mind's focus, and perhaps conversely
allow the mind to "unfocus" a little. This could cause the mind to relax,
slip into reverie and intuition ( a state where the mind can unconsciously
choose from stacks of memories which are relevant to the problem, and bring
up the most appealing solution excatly *without* apparent thought on "the
point of concentration" or focus).