ard (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 13:01:07 +0200

> Oops! sorry to give you the wrong impression.The exact opposite of what I
> meant, mysticism.
> I was talking about a form of thinking that explans "spiritualism" in
> mind. A sustained low focus type, often mistaken for mysticism, exploited
> religions of the world, but nothing mysterious, just under-researched.
> I suggested it was a part of our natural cognitive state.

Since most religions are founded on the teachings of mystics, the
"exploitation" is understandable, especially when the original teacher
moves on and the control-oriented people take over.
If the mystical experience is "part of our natural cognitive state", then
it would serve us to explore the experience more fully, would it not;
especially considering the obvious "reprogramming" that seems to occur with
most of those who report having the experience, including NDE?

Believe me, there is *nothing* like that experience; even
> > psychedelics give merely a weedy little echo of the 'cosmicness' of
> > And I think that sentient beings who *lived* from that perspective
> > be immensely powerful and joyful creatures. Easily able to re-program
> > themselves, to morph, etc. - in fact, Transhuman!)

"Believe me, there is nothing like that experience;..." ...Of course; but
that can be said of many expeiences, can it not?
"...immensely powerful..."...When the need for power disappears, then all
power is realized, right? Isn't the striving for power an indication of
fear and the need to control?

but your so called 'mystics' have found meditation does it also. Also
exercise seems to help and mindless simple things like shaving...
This process helps with creativity also.

It appears that creativity can be accessed when one gets out of the
critical, judgemental state of mind. This is referred to as "being in the
space". This can be accomplished by remaining focused on "the point of
concentration". The mindless activities, you mention, are ways of dropping
the critical, judgemental state of mind.and leaving oneself open to the
creative process.