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>I think the entire USA is making a bunch of hoopla about something they
>say is weard inyet they are all a bunch of weard hypocrytes,
>because they believe the same thing.
>The only diffrence, is that most christians and others don't have enough
>guts to get it over with on their own timeline.
>I would say that almost all religious fanatics of this sort
>that are death orented are kooks< Alert: Questionable meaning.>.
>It's time people start seeing through this BS.
>Loren Hardy


Hi Loren,
I most certainly agree with this post.
You understand the situation I see very well.
People are often too closed minded to learn enough
to know words they hate represent the same things as words they like.
If hatred is caused by misunderstanding I think I love you.

I wonder if I have read any other posts by you.
This is the only post of yours I recall reaching my consciousness.
Do you write often?



How can transhumans express to religions
the possibility of indefinite longevity without required death?


Suggestions for speech( meme ops):

If we die and there is afterlife we are not dead;
if we are not dead we did not die,
why want to die if we won't?

Don't die and go to heaven;
live and make heaven come to you.