Discussion: What is the Universe?

Mike C. (mikec@jax.gulfnet.com)
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 07:20:27 -0400

>From: Cam Christie <at.market@xtra.co.nz>
>Date: Sun, 02 Mar 1997 00:57:01 -0800
>Subject: What is this Universe?

The universe is all things.

>Why all of a suddenly did the big bang occur,

A thing can not come from no thing,
action is reaction and requires cause.
Time did not begin;
the universe is eternal, it has always been.

>Is it infinite?

It seems to be unless you are omniscient and quantify all things.

>Surely the universe is not infinite,

You can not prove that unless you are God.

>there must be some external influence to allow atoms to congrugate.

There is no thing outside the one thing which is all things( uni-verse).
If it exists, it is in the universe.

>what is at the edge of the universe
>some sort of plasma field holding it together.

You are confusing the universe with the known universe;
that is a |---| --|-- |--| mistake, common too.
| | | | |
|---| | | _ _
| | | | |
|---| --|-- |--|