Thing A is not B [Re: Uploading (Who Is Who)]

Mike C. (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 04:01:18 -0400

>From: Michael Lorrey <>
>Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 18:41:44 -0500
>Subject: Re: Uploading (Who is Who?)
>We are talking about a technique that is not cloning but production of
>human analogs, much like bringing your duplicate here from a parallel
>universe. In the case of analogs, property rights as well as personal
>responsibility are indeed shared.

Says who, for what reason, on what authority and, in what jurisdiction?

>Imagine someone killing someone then
>making 10 duplicates of himself.

Imagine duplicating a person you kill in a spacetime pattern they liked you.
Do you think you will be charged with murder
or making them forget you were a killer?

>Pleading guilty gets him 20 years, with
>parole at 8 years, yet with shared responsibility, the 8 years are
>divided among 10 analogs (plus the original, who may even into hiding)
>so they each serve 9.6 months before getting out on good behavior. Since
>they would be sentenced at the same time, they would most likely serve
>at the same prison, and would hang together, so they wouldn't have to
>worry about bending over for the soap.

You are suggesting individual duplicates get shorter sentences
for having someone quite similar to them.
That is not reason.
If a duplicate kills seconds after it is made,
shall the one it is made from be punished
when it's finger did not pull a trigger, no.
Shall a duplicate whose fingers did not even exist in the mind
of the one who would soon dream of creating them,
suffer wrath for an event occurring before it was yet formed, no.
What you suggest is a child should pay for a parent's sin.
If you believe this
the child may suffer for parents of it's parents and other ancestors
who have not paid enough to satisfy your greed.
This brings absurdity to my mind.

My God people...
what planet do you come from(!)?
Can you not tell the difference between two things(!)?
Two things are not the same thing, they are different;
that is why they are two things!
Is that so hard to know?
Two dollars are not the same dollar.
You may say they the have the same value to you
but that is because you fail to see the differences.
If you talk to a collector they will tell you
there are many things which determine value
(ie. #,extent, and type of flaws, rarity, and historical/senitmental value).
Is it possible that people smart enough to be transhumans
do not realize there is only one A and some thing else is B?
Use some common sense, you're dissapointing me.

I appoligize for resorting to exclamations.
I hope I am forgiven.

>IF the individual is sufficiently wealthy, as long as they don't mind
>diluting their wealth by the number of analogs produced, and can escape
>wrongful death lawsuits, this would be a useful option.

You people talk about law and refuse to aknowledge
that it's validity is based upon the governments authority
is supposed to be granted to it by the consent of the governed
(so says the Declaration of Independence of the U.S.A.).
If you do not want to pay rebel against tyranny and oppression.
Free your self from ignorance.
It makes me angry.