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Lee Daniel Crocker (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 23:58:47 -0700 (PDT)

> >Or course it's in question, or I wouldn't have asked. I find not
> >merely insufficient evidence, but /no/ evidence, and not even the
> >attempt at evidence that they do a damned thing.
> Lee: I'm surprised. I agree that there isn't a whole lot of really good
> experimental evidence for smart drugs working on young, healthy people.
> However, there is plenty of good evidence that they work on people with
> cognitive deficits, and there appears to be *some* good experimental
> evidence for affects on young healthy people for at some of the substances.

Yes, I suppose I am exaggerating. I suppose I'm just disappointed
by what I've been able to find for the layman. I'm sure there are
some good therapeutic studies that might generalize well, and there
might be (as Tony suggested) some value in looking at data from the
control groups of those studies as well.

My ire should be directed at the mass marketers of these things who
look only for vaguely-applicable studies that justify their sales
rather than looking for honest facts about their everyday benefits
to ordinary people.

I'm sure the misguided ethical barriers to cosmetic pharmacology
cause grant-seeking researchers to look elsewhere, but real capitalist
researchers should be looking for the cosmetic uses to /really/
boost sales among skeptics like me. The gullible will buy anyway,
so they have real incentive to do those tests to prove the value of
the products to joe consumer while the "ethical" doctors can keep
sucking the public teat for their studies.

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