Re: supplement information

Langlois (
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 18:15:51 -0500

This list has been a great help in finding and hopefully tomorrow
being able to acquire my first helpings of so called "smart drugs". Also i
think that the reliabilty of these drugs really isnt in question.
For DMAE the one I choose to start on there was a simple biological
explaniaton for its effects and simple biological reasons for its
side-effects. Along the line these supplements and nootropics have to be
passed by the FDA for approval as OTC, supplemental, and prescription
availability and they must establish necessary guidelines for dosing and
prescribing and probably even establish its LD50 dosage. so these
supplements and drugs aren't totally unresearched.
as for their claimed effects to the mental process, it doesnt really
matter to me. If my body can be fooled into a higher ability to concentrate,
better mood and extends my life span then i dont really care if more
acetlycholine has penetrated the blood-brain barrier, its not really the
issue, the results are.