Controlled Sensory Perception (Protean Self-Transformation)

Mike C. (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 16:31:23 -0400

>From: Guru George <>
>Anders Sandberg <> wrote:
>>I think playing around with senses like turning on/off pain or
>>pleasure can be dealt with using safeguards (like having reminders
>>pop up in the mind etc), but the more general changes are harder to deal

Turning pain off might be too extreme.
How about,
"Wait a nanosecond...
this bodily conflagration is burning my flesh.
Hey, I don't like that feeling."
This brings to mind how much pain is needed to be pain,
may be only recognition of a thing is to be reacted to as if it were pain;
or is Reaction to pain what you are seeking to avoid?

As for general changes being hard to deal with
simply program automatic settings
for predetermined situations/environments
(or split second reminders to occurr at those times, as you suggest).
Perhaps I am over simplifying
or talking about an other thing?

> Maybe our emotional/cognitive setup functions in ways we don't understand,
>and there is balance if disturbed,
>would render it dysfunctional in ways we can't foresee?
>Guru George

If you can't see it you don't know it exists,
so don't worry.

If it can't be fixed you're wrong.