Re: Ego - Programming

ard (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 10:18:04 +0200

I don't buy the past life part, but all people seem to react
> strongly to signals that threaten their identity or peace of mind,

Would this apply to people who are secure in their own identity and peace
of mind, especially those who have "reprogrammed" themselves or were not

> wading through the New Age fluff trying to find something that might
> actually be useful for 'mental discipline' (better, non-mystical term?)
> exercises.

Have you considered "Mind Magic" by Bill Harvey?

> Darwinian evolution has made us adept of tracking gaze direction, and
> interpreting subliminal body language and face mimics. Basic survial
> skills, in other words. It wouldn't have skipped a clue that crucial. So
> gather it does not exist.

Why is it that people blind from birth can "feel" moods? Why is it that
some birth-blind people develop the ability to "see auras" ?