Re: utter exasperation

Tony (
Tue, 8 Apr 1997 22:27:08 -0700

Oh, go and lay an egg.

I saw right through your feminist BS in a microsecond.
"I'm a model, you know what I mean...."
Ha Ha Ha!!!

There is a limit to the amount of pretention I can take.

Your PATRON(h)ising attitude does not further the cause of extropy.

The feminist movement was justified and correct, but IMO it has gone far
enough. There is a prevailing attitude today that straight white men are
GUILTY of something. Well, listen up, baby, we are NO MORE GUILTY OF
ANYTHING THAN YOU ARE. Shall we blame all the Germans alive today for WW2?

Tony B. Csoka

>Damien Broderick:
>>Yep, that's killed me, invalidated anything I said - what a girl, a pussy,
>>a twat, a bitch, a cunt, old, past it, a wrinkly.
>And thank *you* for illustrating an interesting linguistic
>phenomenon, the amelioration of female terms into the perjorative, as
>stated by Jane Mills: ...'the term for the female is likely to acquire
>negative...connotations and, once it is attached to the female, is
>unlikely to be transferred to a male unless to express contempt. Some
>linguists have concluded that this constitutes a definitive semantic
>IOW, try and find a male perjorative term that would fit into the above
>list, I doubt you will succeed.
>Kathryn Aegis