Re: utter exasperation
Tue, 8 Apr 1997 12:56:16 -0400 (EDT)

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> >> (BTW, I don't write `sci-fi', and neither do Swanwick or Simmons. We
> write
> >> sf.)
> Personally, I don't care whether people think I write 'sci-fi' or
> 'sf', so long as they READ IT.

Kathryn I think you have a point. I think content is much more important than
genre labeling. I read things that *interest* me ( BTW Heaven's Gate does
I read the other post with massive confusion. SF was a city in northern
California for me until now.... and Harlan Elison, I thought, was TV
writer.... hmmm.... I don't read much sf, or scifi, which ever one is the PC
name - not since highschool anyway, and come to think of it, it seemed like
lots of fun! Now I read mostly technical nonfiction - and always thought sci
fi was short for science fiction.
Am I being politically incorrect? Those Asimov books I read were sf, and
"Sci-fi" means tabloids and Xfiles?