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Arla\\Morris Johnson (
Mon, 07 Apr 1997 23:17:16 -0700

Max More wrote:
> At 02:25 PM 4/6/97 -0500, you wrote:
> >
> > I recently heard that DMAE (the nootropic otc drug) was available in
> >america, but after some preliminary checking nothing has panned out.
> > Does anybody know any brand names or other names for DMAE, or any
> >chains that carry it. I am interested in testing its effects for myself
> >but modern capitalism just can't seem to supply my demands.
> Strange, I find it easily available. Modern capitalism in forms such as the
> Great Earth vitamin store supply me with DMAE (GE have their own brand). Do
> you not have any health foods stores nearby?
> Max
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In the short time since browsing through the extropian threads I have
been pleasantly surprised to see the evolution of the human condition is
likely to be freed of the
regulators short sighted heavy hand by at least a few of us.

About 25 years ago I added DMAE to my life-extension program. At the
time much less
was known and it appeared to be just another powder puff item. I
checked into Max
More's reference to centrophenoxine with the Entrez browser at NLM/NIH
and my good
old faithful Merck manual. I was astonished at the similarity between
the combination
of DMAE plus the common herbicide 2,4-D and centrophenoxine. The only
difference is the
2, chloro of the 2,4-D. Would people exposed to minimal amounts of
2,4-d while also
consuming DMAE have similar effects to those of centrophenoxine?

Morris Johnson