Re: Tools for Mind Exploration

Robert Schrader (
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 15:38:00 -0700 (PDT)

> Crosby_M wrote:
> > I was recently browsing the online catalog of Tools For Exploration at
> >
Thanks, Mark. But, they are expensive!

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, Gregory Houston wrote:

> I just ordered a Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) meter from Tools For...

Radio Shack carries one ( Micronta, part # 63-664 ). Cost me 13.95
a couple of years ago.

> Personally, I'm more interested in bio-feedback.

I'm trying to build a brain wave monitor (eeg) on my PC. I've got
most of the circuitry and the software worked out, but I could use
advice on electrodes.
Most medical supply houses simply cannot cope with a designer who
doesn't know all the jargon and part numbers - they seem incapable
of telling me what their products /do/. Any advice? Does anyone
on this list work in a hospital?

And when I get one built, does anyone on this list want one? I will
happily sell them at cost - I'm not trying to make a profit - of about
$75 to $125. ( Current machines like this sell for $1000+ ) System
requrements would probably be a 486-100 or pentium.

Also, is anyone on this list real good at digital electronics in
case I do have complicated questions?

Robert Schrader