Re: [Pigdog] FYI:The World Wide Neural Net & The Technomad (fwd)

Anders Sandberg (
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 22:53:06 +0200 (MET DST)

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, Eugene Leitl wrote:

> Augmented reality is fun. Can't wait till it hits the market.


> > it is possible for people to "feel" fluctustions in energy fields around
> > other popele. we interpret these as exhuded "moods" but they are not.
> ??? Not unless you are heavily augmented. Like SQUID arrays, to see EM
> activity, and nitrogen cooled imagers to pick up IR blackbody.

If you can sense the data traffic you can pick up patterns, a bit like
listening to the hard drive of a workstation. That could give you an
impression of what others are thinking/doing ("She is deep into the Net,
with all that traffic. I wonder if her reality is even here... but he is
just bursting a bit, only his agents are online.")

> > bees and seom animals are very clever at feeling these "moods". Such
> Nothing but body chemistry, and interpreting subtle body language.
> > signals can be pulsed at will as an alternative method of communication.
> > It's not relaly light and not really magnetism, but something like it.
> Uh... I hope this "something" has any roots in measurable, physical reality.

It might feel that, since our ability to interpret the state of other
people is largely subconscious - just think of those pheromones. We have
elaborate limbic systems to deal with this; hur the temporal lobe and you
might loose the ability to recognize faces or (if the amygdala is hurt)
send/receive the wrong dominance-submission signals. And emotional content
of speech seems to be interpeted in the non-dominant temporal lobe. Some
people are bad at communicating socially, and they are seen as
unsympathic, rude, aloof or unempathic despite having normal brains

It would be interesting to develop limbic enhancements; we tend to think
far too much about improving our cognition without thinking of the need
to improve our social abilities. Enhanced Empathy, anyone?

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