The World Wide Neural Net & The Technomad

Crosby_M (
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 13:17:18 -0400

>> From: Gregory Houston <>
>> Subject: The World Wide Neural Net & The Technomad
>> Date: Saturday, April 05, 1997 1:59 AM
>> implants to connect us to the Web via something like cellular phone
>> anyone aware of any sci-fi which explores and elaborates on this

You might like to see my post regarding Linda Nagata's Atriums at
<Linda Nagata's 1995 novel "The Bohr Maker" describes an artificial
organ called an 'attrium' grown by nanotech 'makers' in human brains to
provide direct immersion in virtual realities, communications on the Net
and remote sensing by linking to similarly augmented people, animals and
mechanical sensors at distant locations.>
and also Anders Sandberg's response at

Damien Broderick wrote:
<... my March '97 science fiction novel from Avon, THE WHITE ABACUS.
(BTW, I don't write `sci-fi', and neither do Swanwick or Simmons. We
write sf.)>

I just ordered it from Amazon.
(Noting most other DB titles there are 'special order' or 'hard to
You guys keep writing the sf and we'll keep reading the sci-fi (-: )