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> > Check out this Mir Aimal Kansi
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> > aka: Mir Aimal Kanci, Mir Aimal Kasi, Mohammed Alam Kasi, Mir Aman Qazi,
> > Mir Amial Qansi, Amial Khan
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> > Reward: $2 MILLION
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> > Mir Aimal Kansi is being sought in connection with the shooting of five
> > individuals with an AK-47 assault rifle. The January 1993 shooting
> occurred
> > outside CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia,
> > and resulted in the killing of two individuals and the wounding of three
> >
> Here is some background on the killings.
> The CIA agent who was killed in this shooting was a field agent who had been
> operating in the town from which Mir came. No connection had been
> established, last I had heard, between these two persons. However, the
> assumption was that it was a "hit" that had been carefully planned for some
> time. Mir, by the way, had traveled from the Middle East to the US for no
> apparent reason other than this killing.
> Also, if memory serves me correctly, Mir had purchased an AR-15 and had
> intended to use that instead. After a couple of days, he attempted to return
> the rifle to the gunstore, but was not permitted to get a refund. Instead,
> he exchanged for the AK-47, a firearm with which he was more familiar, at a
> loss of several hundred dollars.
> If the CIA knows why its man was "hit", no one has reported--at least not in
> a declassified text. That leaves the background of the entire affair to
> speculation.
> "Infidel, do not cast your gaze upon my sister! Allah, give me the strength
> to retaliate!"
> FD

He probably had a family member who got whacked by the CIA agent. He's
from Pakistan, and I imagine that the only two things the Christians In
Action are interested there is local politics and nuclear arms/ missile


1) the agent either helped or was percieved to help a local politician
win an election. What is Aimal's political affiliation?

2) the agent suborned or handled a Pak national in obtaining nuclear or
missile intelligence. Aimal was either hired or in some way honor bound
to relatiate.

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