The World Wide Neural Net & The Technomad

Gregory Houston (
Sat, 05 Apr 1997 00:59:42 -0600

Something which might emerge before uploading becomes fully feasible
would be some form of World Wide Neural Net. When we can directly
interface wetware and hardware we should soon after be able to create
implants to connect us to the Web via something like cellular phone

Is anyone aware of any sci-fi which explores and elaborates on this

One of the aspects of this which interests me most is its ramifications
for the technomad and specifically for the technomad seeking an
accreditated education. As universities begin to offer accreditated
degrees via the Web, students are no longer limited in where they exist.
The individual can participate from nearly any place in the world. With
direct neural access this is taken a step further. Nearly every
neurological stimulus could then be sent and retrieved, thus enabling a
full spectrum of communication within the collective cybernetic

Bridging ethical boundaries for a moment. This technology might even
enable an instructor to directly access a student's memory to ascertain
just what exactly the student has retained. Of course this is only a
small part of education, and only one of many ways in which direct
neural interfacing could conceivably be used in education.

Explore and play!

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