Re: extropians-digest V2 #92

Dan Hook (
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 21:23:30 -0500

> From: ard <>
> Date: Friday, April 04, 1997 7:20 PM
> The computer without instruction and the human without emotion produce
> same output, nothing.
> Have you known of any humans without emotions?

No, I have not. But I suspect that somebody, somewhere has met a coma
patient. I am not saying that all of them are without emotion, but almost
certainly some of them are.

> > The need for emotions, as I see it, arises in primitive
> > systems that are unable to figure out causes and effects
> > and plan their actions intelligently.
> Has it been established that we "need" emotions?

Name the rational basis for your goals. Better yet don't. You can't do
it. You can establish a basic axiom like "I want to be happy," and work
rationally from there but there is no rational reason, unless it derives
from your basic axiom, your personal "meaning of life," to value happiness
over pain, or existence over non-existence. Of course, I am willing to
engage in a bit of irrationality. The only other option is death.

Dan Hook