Re: extropians-digest V2 #92

ard (
Sat, 5 Apr 1997 02:20:58 +0200

The computer without instruction and the human without emotion produce the
same output, nothing.

Have you known of any humans without emotions?

How these emotions come to us, unbidden, is still not fully explained by
cognitive science-

Wasn't there a recent study which showed the steps of emotions? Did it
not show that first there is an incident, cognition of the incident,
physical response to the incident, release of various chemicals based on
the physical response and finally the "feeling" of the corresponding
emotion? Do not many actors experience this by copying the physical
response for a particular emotion?

> The need for emotions, as I see it, arises in primitive
> systems that are unable to figure out causes and effects
> and plan their actions intelligently.

Has it been established that we "need" emotions?