Re: A new topic to persue
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 13:05:53 -0500 (EST) (Langlois) writes:

> I am currently writing a paper for a sociology class about the
>ethics of Transhumanism. It deals with the ethics of defying evolution to
>raise ourselves. In essence its about Whether we can play god with

> I am very interested in what everyone has to say on the topic, if
>anyone has been storing pithy one-liners for a theological vs. technological
>argument now would be the time to use them. The grader of this paper is
>very conservitive bordering on creationism and I am going to have to go a
>long way to make my case.

I don't know how literally you mean "bordering on creationism" but if it's
literally true you're probably wasting your time. Anybody believing in
creationism is following emotional or social needs while ignoring
overwhelming evidence in matters biological. If so, even the most pithy or
telling arguments will be ignored.

Anyway, on defying evolution: We already do. I'd have died of pneumonia at
age 3 if we didn't defy evolution with antibiotics.

On playing God: What, is all this hypothetical God able to do is push around
a few DCA molecules? Pretty wimpy God, I'd say. I thought God was supposed
to have made the universe, which would be a much more impressive feat. I
don't see how even completely remaking our entire *galaxy* could even
remotely be considered "playing God".