EXpedition 97 is Three Months Away!

Fri, 4 Apr 1997 09:46:26 -0500 (EST)

EXpedition 97 is just three months away. This is probably a good time to
remind folks that a group of us will be taking a backpacking trip in northern
New Mexico from July 3 to 7, 1997. Rendezvous is at the Albuquerque airport
as early as possible on July 3 and we will be getting out of the back country
in time for departing flights from Albuquerque during the afternoon of July
7. We will probably make the trip in a way that people could depart earlier
than that, if necessary.

Right now, the plan is to try to gather the party by no later than noon or 1
pm on July 3 for departure by car from the Albuquerque airport. We'll be
picking up consumables that can't travel by air in Albuquerque (fuel and
last-minute "I forgots") and then heading to our trailhead campsite in the
Pecos Wilderness Area outside Santa Fe. We'll hike into a base camp along
the Pecos River on July 4. Activity on the 5th and 6th will depend on
whether group members need to leave earlier than the 7th, but will most
probably either consist of day hikes up the Pecos and to other destinations
or a very mild overnight peak-bagging expedition. We'll break our base camp
early on the 7th and make it out to the cars and back to Albuquerque that

I'm an experienced backpacking guide and there will be others on the trip
with backcountry experience. This will be a very mild trip, so novices are
welcome. I've created a web page for the trip, with itinerary details, a
list of folks who have expressed an interest in going, and tips for novices:


Everyone is invited to stop by the web page and everyone is invited to come
along on what promises to be a great trip! If you're interested, please drop
me a line privately. Please put the term "EXpedition 97" at the beginning of
the subject line so I'll be sure to spot your message.

I'm sending a separate e-mail to everyone I can identify who has already
expressed an interest. As some of you know, I've had some hardware problems
in recent weeks that caused me to lose some e-mail archives so, if you get
this message from the List and don't get a private e-mail, PLEASE send me a
note to confirm your continuing interest.

I look forward to seeing you on EXpedition 97!

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