RE: The Emotional Computer

Oleson, Rex R. (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 09:55:08 -0500

>Wed, 2 Apr 1997 wrote:
>> But what about sensuality?
April 3 Anders Sandberg wrote:

>Good point. Maybe this is the reason many think computer people are
>unemotional - they don't appear very sensual. In my opinion, much of the
>scientific and computer world is more directed towards an epicurean form
>of pleasure (the seeking of truth, friendship, understanding, elegant
>structure etc.) than a sensual form of pleasure (with notable individual
>exceptions, of course). But I don't know if this is just my perspective
>or a more general view.

I think that a major problem with the emotional and very much the
sensual side of programs is lost by the way that computer programming is
set up. It is set up into organized structures, they don't always have
to be elegant. And Anders I agree with you that it has been lost to
scientists and computer scientists the more emotional and sensuous
aspects of life. Times are changing and more Artistic people are
getting on the computers and learning to programs.

Things are becoming more free form. I can't wait to see what will
happen with the new merger of science and artistic creativity that has
begun on the computers!