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Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 01 Apr 1997 22:09:32 -0500

Eugene Leitl wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Apr 1997, Robert Schrader wrote:
> > In the morning paper here in San Diego where the cult suicides are still
> > for some reason considered newsworthy, there was a passing reference to
> > extropians. Evidently one of the suicides had a copy of 'The Extropian'
> > in his possesions ( at his parent's home - not at the scene ). It was
> > referred to as the writings of a "Santa Monica based internet cult",
> > which advocated, among other things, "Cryogenics, smart drugs, and
> Freeze!!! Put down that Dewar, Sir! Instantly!! Who's in charge of that
> turbovac? (Ralph, you now can switch it off).
> > upgrading".
> Sarge, he confesses he'd be upgrading to RamBus next month. Shall we shoot
> him right here, or do you mind the carpet?

SCSI? Thats just disgusting!!!

> > A few other tidbits:
> >
> > In the words of a cult 'expert' who was interviewed, "...the 'singularity'
> > prophesied by extropians is a example of the 'Impending Doom' technique
> > frequently used by cult leaders..."
> Hang on for Impending Doom II, Heretic, it will be well worth the wait...

Hey Max, how does it feel to be a cult leader????

> > "Extropian literature names no date for the event, and Los Angeles county
> Eliezer? Where art thou, when one needs you?
> > and Santa Monica city authorities reported no group suicides recently,
> > but sources in the L.A. County Sherriff's office confirmed that the group
> > was being investigated."

For what? Immortality without a license? Advocating privacy? As long as
our "prophesied" date is beyond the next election they don't give a

> Uh-oh. Now quick, who is into peadophilia here? What, no high flux
> nukes? No sarine 'still bubbling in the kitchen? Erm, officer, we we're
> trying hard to produce some incriminating evidence, but uh... please
> give us just some more time...
> Ha, Agent Lorrey! We found you at last. Trafficking into illegal
> weapon export, were you.

Please take me away, I can't wait to get to court. Free publicity is all
I need....

> >
> > Robert Schrader
> >
hey Robert, are you the RMS referred to in Niven and Pournelle's novel
"Fallen Angels"?

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