Re: AI over the Internet (was Re: making microsingularities)

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 18:51:58 MDT

James Rogers wrote:

> Spike is right; the existing computer infrastructure today is totally
> inadequate for a "fast" takeoff via an Internet AI. Undefended computing
> power is absolutely worthless if it is unusable as a distributed computing
> resource for most intents and purposes....-James Rogers

The person who pointed this out to me first over a year ago was...
Eliezer. Perhaps I misunderstood what he said then, being as I
am way outta my field of expertise. I dont even have a field of
expertise. More like a lawn of pretty-good-ise. Or a weedpatch
of mediocre-ise. {8^D

I was asking back then if it would help in the progress of the
Singularity to encourage massively parallel computing. That
would cause jillions of desktop computers to be connected
and be passing data on a regular basis. What I understood
from his answer at the time is that it is practically irrelevant
whether or not the personal computers are connected in
that manner, because of the high inherent latency of those kinds
of arrangements.

Eliezer, did I misunderstand your comments from that thread? spike

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