Re: Clueless Bio Futurists

From: dwayne (
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 05:37:04 MDT

> dwayne wrote:
> >
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> > I understand people here are a *bit* biased in favour of tech, but look at the monkeys
> > pushing the buttons and tell me we are all safe.
> Safe? No. But if we don't develop some better technology that
> increases our reasoning and communicative power (perhaps
> supplanting it with AI), then we will be pretty well done for in
> my opinion. We cannot sit where we are or survive our current
> limitations for long without some major stress destroying us.
> Risky as it is, I honestly believe our only hope lies in going
> forward.
> That said I don't believe that technology is all we need by any
> means. We need a vision of where we wish to go and a unified,
> rational ethics really badly if we are going to increase the
> odds of our not only surviving but thriving.

Well, I am offline right now so can only post occasionally. I've been sort of scanning
the responses and wondering if I wanted to post something, but Samantha has pretty much
said it for me.

The entire root of my pessimism, is that I feel that while we may well be
technologically sophisticated, culturally we are still horribly tribal, and it is
*politics* that will kill us off, not technology. So, unless we sort out who we are,
we re doomed. Discussing technologies is just a detour, when it is people who get
grumpy and push buttons, fire guns, stab people etc.

Psychology is the issue, not technology.


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