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From: Olga Bourlin (fauxever@sprynet.com)
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 22:14:06 MDT

> This is to announce the publication of the Spring 2001 issue of THE
> OF AYN RAND STUDIES (Vol. 2, No. 2). JARS scholarly forum for the
discussion of Ayn Rand's aesthetics ... the Aesthetics Symposium features
contributions from philosophers, literary critics, musicians, painters,
poets, and cultural theorists. Here is the full Table of Contents: The
Aesthetics Symposium; <snip, snip> Rand's Aesthetics: A Personal View;
<snip, snip> The Puzzle of Music and Emotion in Rand's Aesthetics; <snip>
[and awmigawd] The Benefits and Hazards of Dialectical Libertarianism
(review of Chris Matthew Sciabarra's TOTAL FREEDOM: TOWARD A DIALECTICAL
> http://aynrandstudies.com/jars/v2_n2/2_2toc.asp
> Contributor biographies are available online at:
> http://aynrandstudies.com/jars/v2_n2/2_2bio.asp

(Aiiiiiii, yipes!) What ... straight? No chaser? Before some of you more
sensitive types delve into Ayn and Art and Aesthetics and Dialectics, I
recommend some antidotes which I have found to be very effective in the
past - here, for example, is one such antidote in the form of a few Andy
Warhol quotes. Even when used sparingly, the quotes below will offer
instant relief. (A little negative space here, a little contrast there ...
aaaahhhhhhhhh! ... don't you feel better already?)

"I don't think my art has any lasting value."
"If everybody's not a beauty, then nobody is."
"I voted once, in the fifties. I don't remember which election. I pulled the
wrong lever because I was confused. I couldn't figure out how to work the
thing. There was no practice model outside."
"If I'd gone ahead and died, I would be a cult figure now."
"I don't know where the artificial stops and the real begins."
"They're experimental films. I call them that because I don't know what I'm
"Wasted space is any space that has art in it."
"I never wanted to be a painter. I wanted to be a tap dancer."
"Pop art is for everyone. I don't think art should be only for the select
few, I think it should be for the mass of American people, and they usually
accept art anyway."
"I really like comic strips... Well, I like the colours and the balloons. I
think people should always talk with balloons over their heads."
"If you look at something long enough, I've discovered, the meaning goes
"You'd be surprised how many people want to hang an electric chair on their
living-room wall. Specially if the background colour matches the drapes."
"The less something has to say, the more perfect it is."
"Intellectuals are a bore."
"I read an article on me once that described my machine-method of
silk-screen copying and painting- 'What a bold and audacious solution, what
depths of the man are revealed in this solution!' What does that mean?"
"If I weren't me, I think I'd like to be Jackie Kennedy. She's a very
glamorous woman, and I'd really like to learn some of her judo techniques."

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