Re: making microsingularities

Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 13:50:48 MDT

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<< You are exactly right. This is why I think many of our predictions are way
 too optimistic. Most of us practically live in the laboratory, where we see
 advances every day. But these advances are really just demonstrations of
 possibilities. They may or may not actually change the world as expected.
 Much of the world still lives as they have for hundreds or thousands of

Jerry Oneill, stated in his book 2081 (published 1981)
"Its worth noting that Thompson echoed some of Haldane's earlier errors by
overestimating the need for scientific breakthrough and underestimating how
much could be accomplished by a straightforward extension of known technology"

I suspect that this might apply to the rest of human endeavors--how to best
capitalize and utilize breakthroughs, rather then let them gather dust, in a
scientific journal?


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