EVENT: The Internet & the First Amendment, 5-26-01 Columbus, OH

From: Matthew Gaylor (freematt@coil.com)
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 10:39:26 MDT

Saturday May 26th, 2001 @ 11:30 a.m.-12:45 p.m.
LFScon at Marcon 36
Hyatt Regency Hotel and Columbus Convention Center, Room # Franklin A,
Columbus, Ohio

"The Internet & the First Amendment: Electronic Frontiers"

Join moderator Matt Gaylor and authors James Hogan, L. Neil Smith,
Victor Milan along with Fred Moulton, Jeff Wolfe; and Johnson and
L. Davis in a lively panel discussion on the future of free speech on
the Internet.

Join the Libertarian Futurist Society for its first convention!


The LFS will celebrate its 20th anniversary by sponsoring its first
national conference May 25-27, 2001, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel
and Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio .

"LFScon" will be part of Marcon 36, Ohio's oldest and largest science
fiction and fantasy convention which annually attracts more than
3,000 writers, editors, artists, film actors, filkers, costumers,
gamers and fans from across the country and Canada.

LFScon/Marcon 36 has more Prometheus Awardwinning novelists than any
other libertarian or sf event in history!

More than four dozen guests have been confirmed for LFScon/Marcon,
including L. Neil Smith (The Probability Broach, Pallas'), James
Hogan (Voyage From Yesteryear, The Multiplex Man), Grand Master Poul
Anderson (Trader to the Stars, The Stars Are Also Fire, The Star
Fox), Vernor Vinge (A Deepness in the Sky, Marooned in Realtime), F.
Paul Wilson (Healer, Wheels Within Wheels, An Enemy of the State),
Brad Linaweaver (Moon of Ice), Victor Milan (The Cybernetic Samurai)
and J. Neil Schulman (Alongside Night, The Rainbow Cadenza).

Don't miss your chance to meet and socialize with other libertarian
sf fans from across the country at LFScon, one of the few libertarian
conferences whose primary focus will be cultural rather than
political and whose primary purpose will be to have fun!

Join Prometheus Awardwinning writers L. Neil Smith, James Hogan, Poul
Anderson, Vernor Vinge, F. Paul Wilson, J. Neil Schulman, Brad
Linaweaver and Victor Milan at the Libertarian Futurist Society's
20th anniversary celebration! Between them, these libertarian sf
writers have won 11 out of 19 of all the Prometheus Awards ever given
for Best Novel, plus five Best Classic Fiction (Hall of Fame) awards.

Other LFS guests and panelists: sf writers Joseph Martino and Steve
Burgauer; LFS Director Victoria Varga, LFS Assistant Director Amy
Rule, LFS founder Michael Grossberg, LFS Vice President Chris Hibbert
and Board member Lynn Maners, chair of the Prometheus Hall of Fame
finalist judging committee, Prometheus editor Bill Stoddard, LFS
Webmaster Tod Casasent, and LFS board members Fred Moulton, Bruce
Sommer,and libertarian ifeminist Wendy McElroy.

For additional information on Marcon 36 please go to
To register go here:

You can pay at the door for the event or just purchase a Saturday
only pass for $25.

For information on the Hyatt go to

I hope to see you there.

Regards, Matt-

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