Re: A voluntary Blackout?

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 12:05:52 MDT


>I am enthusiastic about solutions to the energy crises(s) of
>whatever flavor oil for gasoline, of California's situation.
>Having said that, after many years of watching what OPEC did twice
>in the 1970's, and the response to it, I remain skeptical of Amory
>Lovins's claims. Micro turbines are expensive, comparatively, as
>are fuel cells. I was was reading a New York Times business
>article today, and the greatest seller of alternate power
>generation is not Allied Signal(mircoturbines) or Ballard Power
>Systems(fuel cells), but Caterpillar Inc. maker of diesel
>generators-thats OIL-fired generators. I get cranky when the
>Lovin's make political statements, rather then technical
>and economic ones. Let the dollar speak instead.
>-Cynically, yours, Mitch

I think the answer as the president has made clear is both
conservation and new sources.

I keep reading where certain groups are claiming that the president
is on the wrong track, what we need is power that is "clean,
reliable, renewable and cheap". It's okay till you get to the cheap
part. I think we should keep looking, but we also need to do
something now, and price caps are NOT the answer.

I find the Lovinses to be a good source of new ideas, and they
practice what they preach, the Rocky Mountain Institute produces
more energy than it uses, and does so at high elevations in the
Rocky mountains....

I cut my own energy use by more than half with just a few simple
tricks, and anyone else could do the same. If we all did, there
wouldn't be a current problem.

But as a diehard Bucky Fuller fan, I think the problem is a matter
of design.


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