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Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 09:06:01 MDT

E. Shaun Russell wrote,
> It is not often that I'll rave about a movie on-list, but tonight
> I watched a movie which is more than deserving of mention here.
> I watched the DVD version of a low-budget indie movie called _Pi_

I saw this on my "Big Ugly Dish" satellite last year. I was interested in
it because of the occult themes which I find entertaining. Some on this
list may not appreciate the Qabalistic mysticism.

The story features a mathematical genius named Max who has had emotional
problems since childhood. He builds a special computer in his house which
suddenly seems to be able to predict reality. He is pursued by Wall Street
brokers and a mystical Jewish sect, both of which want to obtain the secret.
Max's perception of reality becomes more and more distorted, and it is hard
to tell whether he is going insane or whether reality really is as he
perceives it.

I would call this movie a cross between Videodrome and The Seventh Sign,
only on grainy video.

which wants to suppress th a mystical link between mathematics and reality.
Throughout the film it is difficult to tell what is real and what is

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