Re: if a black physicist invents time travel

Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 09:10:42 MDT

This actually fits in with something I noticed, though I'll keep it short
as I'm not sure it's so connected to extropian ideas directly.
     I'm 33, and most of the people of my generation I know do see
differences in race, but most struggle not to let it affect their thinking.
Most of the people I know personally have older relatives who are at least
somewhat racist, so you grow up listening to this junk, and then struggling
with it later in life when you realize it simply isn't true.
     However, I've got some cousins who are 18 or 19, and they don't even
seem to really notice color, except when they confront it as racism, which
at least one actively works against. (He's involved in some anti-racist
     Since (I think he mentioned this once) Elizier seems to be closer in
age to them than me, he seems to think it's a non-issue which will go away
if left alone. Normally, I'd simply tell him he's wrong, and these issues
have to be opposed, but he may not be. If the people who are racist grow
old and die, and their children are exposed to more people who don't think
it's an issue, it might just die out.
     Mind you, it's more complex, since there will likely always be people
with these memes, and some of them will be virulent enough to spread
anyway, but I think you see my point. My cousins have a different
background than I did, but I see it a lot in things like interracial
dating, which seems to be a non-issue for teens now, when I know it was a
huge deal when I was a teen in the 80's.


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