Re : help put pressure on the U.S. president to choose the right FDA

From: Joao Pedro de Magalhaes (
Date: Sun May 20 2001 - 05:02:04 MDT


As someone who works on gerontology, I must say that the FDA has a useful
purpose. I know some of you think that it would be better if the FDA would
not exist at all. But FDA regulation has its logic in filtering the products
that are available to the public. The truth is: a large percentage of
products being sold as capable of delaying aging are crap, which gives the
aging field a bad reputation. So flooding the market with more anti-aging
products is not necessarily a good thing. It might prevent the products that
really work from receiving the attention they deserve. On the other hand,
it's nice to notice that the candidate John proposes is concerned about some
anti-aging products. But it doesn't make him a good choice by itself.

Best wishes.

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