From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Sat May 19 2001 - 15:32:23 MDT wrote:
> "Michael M. Butler" wrote:
> > A FORTH MISC using reversible computation has been a gleam in my eye for quite a while.
> >
> > Want to start a company? :)
> Oh yeah, we first make one of them fancy Bose-Einstein time machines,
> and we've even got a product. All you have to do is to one of them
> things from 50 years downstream. Hope they still take today's money,
> and the inflation wouldn't be too bad...

Heck, if you can just get info-only time travel over a day or two,
you've got funding. Just send tomorrow's lottery numbers. To repeat,
make sure to set up another identity, or better yet, have someone else
in your group do it; a high number of wins at "random" events by the
same identity draws the wrong kind of attention, and may lead to
shutting down of that funding source if the "cheat" (time travel) can
not be rendered impractical (which it can't, if you and/or others can
just build another one). I suspect you could find any number of
people willing to act as proxies for single wins at high-income events
like this, and keep the source of their guess a secret until the
reality of time travel became publically known, for a percent of the

Of course, that's all assuming the first "if". ^_-

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