san jose restaurants for e5

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 23:16:40 MDT

Extropians, I went downtown San Jose last Sunday to
check out restaurants for E5. Looks like we have 59
choices within walking distance, but I picked out 16
that look really good. I figure we can split up into
amoebae of 8 to 12 extropians per amoeba, then
ooze over and engulf our food. The Hilton has a
detailed restaurant map that shows all the things
mentioned in this epistle.

Keep in mind that the Towers are right in the middle
of the high rent district, so the places that are really
close tend to be upscale, but if you are willing to walk
a few hundred meters north and east over towards the
university district, there is plenty of reasonable choices.
Some of the places are closed on Sunday. I would not
blame anyone if they carry a lunchbox to keep
options open, hang out at the hotel. If you do go
onto the campus there are plenty of eateries, over
in the Student Association Center, etc.

Restaurants. Here are spike’s picks, listed in approximate
order of closeness to the Towers.

1. The City Bar and Grill. This is the restaurant right
on the ground floor of the Hilton Towers. The place
looked good, unfortunately I did not get to look at the
menu. I was wearing my motorcycle costume,
consequently the maitre’d had a look of growing
concern as I approached. I veered away, much to
his relief. I cannot say I blame him, for any restaurant
that would serve me the way I looked, Im not sure
I would want to eat there.

2. Miro’s in the Crowne Plaza, across the street
from the Towers to the North. They have a nice
mural of the Silicon Valley from back when it was
still carbon valley. Food looks good, perhaps a
little fancy schmancy for my taste, cloth napkins
and such, but a good choice for those who do not
like to walk or those whose schedule is tight.

3. Cafe Primavera, 303 Almaden Blvd, right
across the street from the Towers to the West.
Italian, on the trendy spendy side.

4. Scotts Seafood, 185 Park Ave, about 200
meters north of the Towers. Ive eaten there,
really good food but prices are high and I think
you need reservations. 971-1700.

5. The Agenda. Ive been here a couple times
and this one is waaay over on the spendy side,
gourmet dishes, endangered species flambe and
such, however they have bands in there on
Saturday nights. That one is just one street
west of the convention center. The Hilton is
adjacent to the towers. 399 S. First Street.

6. Kukar’s House of Pizza. About 300 meters
south of the Towers, 527 Almaden Blvd.

7. Eulipia. Gourmet, spendy. Ate there once
for a retirement party. 374 S. First.

8. Original Joe’s. Lots of choices on the menu,
looks good, prices reasonable. 301 S First street.
Between the Agenda and Joe’s there are three
other places that might be acceptable, and all
these are close to the Towers, 300 meters or so.

9. Grill on the Alley, in the Fairmont Hotel.
More highly competent cooking, still on the fancy

10. Museum Cafe, in the San Jose Museum of Art.

11. Subway! You know what you’re getting,
good price, vegetarian stuff available, fast. Thats
a couple blocks north of the Towers, 164 W. San

12. Fuji’s Sushi. Never eaten there but looks
good. 156 San Fernando.

13. Johnny Rocket’s! good burgers, reasonable
prices, 150 S. First.

14. Hawg’s Seafood Bar. 150 S. Second.
Looks good, haven’t eaten there.

15. Tied House! Excellent burgers, reasonable
prices, casual atmosphere, can handle bigger
amoebae of 15 to 20. Microbrewery. Actually
it would be way cool if they had a nanobrewery:
they would put powdered hops in your glass,
add water, stir. Lots of good food at the Tied House,
and there is a cluster of places right next to it on
either side, so a bunch of us might want to wander
up that way. Its about 600 meters north of the
Hilton Towers. 65 N. San Pedro.

16. Spaghetti Factory. Good food, reasonable
prices, can handle big groups. Might be crowded.
Right next to the Tied House on San Pedro.

There are also some steak houses and such up
that way next to the Tied House, and a vegetarian
restaurant across the street, Thepthai’s, where I
understand they serve plants. 23 N Market, and
some other choices along Market Street.
We shall not go hungry.

Things to see while looking for sustenance: Cesar Chavez
Plaza is a little park just north and east of the towers.
Check out the sculpture of the snake at the south end
of the park. The City of San Jose paid a million dollars
for this abomination. Tax dollars hard at work. Cesar
Chavez I understand was some Union leader or something.
I guess he served alongside General Grant. Sometimes
street vendors hang around the Park, where one can
score a dog and cola, or perhaps a hot soft pretzel.

At the north end of that park is the San Jose Museum
of Art. Inside one finds paintings and sculptures and
such. Too bad they don’t take the snake, and place
it somewhere where I need not look at it. Right beside
the Art Museum is St. Joseph’s Cathedral. They are
tolerant of atheists, so look in there if you get a chance,
just to see what they have done with stained glass.
They’ve made windows out of it.

Across the way, you might see the Knight-Ridder
building where they produce the local communist
propaganda sheet, thinly disguised as the San Jose
Mercury News. In those pages you will likely find
whining that George Bush is unwilling to drain the
national treasury to buy power for Taxifornia.

The Tech museum down the street from the Towers.
A little on the juvenile side, but they have an IMAX,
and you need not pay for museum admission to see it.
You may see a cable car on San Carlos Street, San
Jose’s lame attempt to be San Francisco. They
don’t do the bell thing.

This is gonna be fuuuuuun! {8-] spike

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