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Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 16:41:36 MDT

From: Amara Graps wrote:


>And if you want to know how 'dusty' the environment is around
your Extropic Art manifesto, then ask me !! I'll tell you
when some 'storms' are weathering the dear thing ...<

>Weather report from last August/September: VERY dusty.
(don't worry though about damage.. the particles are submicron).
Cassini, with our dust instrument, while still 1AU from Jupiter,
entered a Jovian dust 'storm', rather than Jovian dust 'stream' ... Io's
volcanoes might have been very active near then.<

Excellent Amara. This weather report brings home the fact that travelling
out into space there is a CD containing a piece of writing that hundreds of
people have acknowledged and support. This piece of writing states many of
our values and dreams and is reaching far across the solar system.


Extropic Art Manifesto

We are transhumans.

Our art integrates the most eminent progression
of creativity and sensibility
merged by discovery.

I am the architect of my existence. My art reflects my vision and represents
my values. It conveys the very essence of my being—coalescing imagination
and insight, challenging all limits.

We are exploring how current and future technologies affect our senses, our
cognition and our lives. Our attention to these relationships become fields
of art as we participate in the most immediate and vital issues for
transhumanity— extending life, augmenting intelligence and creativity,
exploring the universe.

Artists, as communicators, bring together the passions, the dreams and the
hopes of transhumanity and express these emotions in ways that touch us
deeply. Extropic Arts reflects an appreciation of aesthetics in a
technologically enhanced world.

We are voices of transhumanity. Our voices are a synthesis, rhythm and
exploration of imagination.

The Extropic Art Movement regards art as more than an artifact. Art
influences social and cultural change: how we live and who we are. It
creates a sense of self, art as being, autonomous yet connected to culture’s
continuum. How we accomplish our intentions is a matter of selective
individual choice—whether abstract or representational, whether artifact or
conceptual. Our criteria for art remain open and we welcome
cross-disciplinary innovations.

As we move into the 21st Century, Extropic Art will suffuse the universe
around us. Our unique ingenuity will spread far out into the capillaries of
our culture. We are active participants in our own evolution from human to
posthuman. We are shaping the image—the design and the essence—of what we
are becoming.

Natasha Vita-More


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