Re: tech miracles of the year 2000 as seen from 1950

From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 05:06:11 MDT

fredagen den 18 maj 2001 04:24 Spike Jones wrote:
> wrote:
> > You would be surprised. *nix in the guise of Linux and *BSD is well and
> > alive these days, especially among the young'n's.
> > Now a Forth or a Lisp machine joke would be a tad more difficult to
> > contextize.
> ((((Hey!))) ((((((((I remember Lisp!)))))))))))))))
> (((((Is anyone still using it?)))))

We used a derivative language (scheme) in our neural network simulator "see".

And of course, it can be used for drama:

(list (define question (choice (exist this :future)
                               (not (exist this :future))))
      (query (larger (nobility (suffer this
                                       (metaphor (cause (outrageous fortune)
                                                        (union (plural sling)
                                                               (plural arrow)))))
                     (nobility (cause (and (metaphor (take-arms this
                                                                (consist sea trouble)))
                                           (oppose this trouble))
                                      (ending this trouble))
                               :subjective)) :general)
      (define state
        (list (die this :general :infinitive)
              ((metaphor sleep) this :general :infinitive)
              (not (exist this :general :infinitive))
              (end we
                   (union heartache
                          (plural (natural shock) 1000)
                          :property (origin flesh))
                   :mean (metaphor (sleep))
      (wish this
            (add-property state consummation)
            :priority devoutly
      (list (die this :general :infinitve)
            ((metaphor sleep) this :general :infinitive)
            (imply ((metaphor sleep) this)
                   (possible (dream this))))
      (define rub ((create problem)
                   :content (cause (and (imply ((metaphor sleep
                                                          :correspond (state dead))
                                               (possible (dream this)))
                                        (property (plural (dream this)) unknown))
                                   (hesitation this :general)))))

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