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>Quote from Extropic Art website;

>>. In the ensuing months, hundreds of creative thinkers signed the
>>Manifesto, and others began calling themselves Extropic Artists. In
>>October of 1997, the Manifesto was sent into space on board the Cassini
>>Huygens spacecraft. It is the first writings of transhumanity to leave the
>>earth and travel through the Asteroid Belt to Saturn. By this, the meme
>>"We are transhumans . . ."
>>has spread far beyond Earth, out into the Solar System.

>Wow. I had no idea of this.

>What a beautifully profound expression of our ideals. Most excellent.

Thank you James. had a great time conceiving this project and then making
it happen, both prompted by my fascination with space.

To locate the Extropic Art Manifesto, you can go to


" Saturn Orbit Insertion (SOI) Countdown:
1140 days, 21 hrs, 30 mins, 16 sec ,1 July 2004

Weekly Status
May 11, 2001
The most recent spacecraft telemetry was acquired from the Goldstone
tracking station on Monday May 7. The Cassini spacecraft is in an excellent
state of health and is operating normally. (Subsequent to the time period
covered by this report, the Cassini spacecraft entered safing. The cause is
well understood, the spacecraft is in a completely safe state, and recovery
efforts are underway. Details will be included in next week's report.)
Information on the spacecraft's position and speed can be viewed on the
"Present Position" web page.

Recent spacecraft activities include characterization and power-off of
Solid State Recorder (SSR)-A. The characterization tests included a memory
test, data formatter test and module controller interface tests. Also
performed was a procedure to patch the Command & Data Subsystem (CDS)
Flight Software (FSW) in the SSR-B non-default partition with an update for
the Magnetometer Subsystem (MAG) replacement heater Solid State Power
Switch (SSPS) algorithm."

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